Benjamin Ringel - Detroit Electric is delayed, SP: 01 comes in autumn

Detroit Electric is delayed, SP: 01 is coming out in autumn

Detroit Electric revealed his SP: 01 model two months ago, says Benjamin Ringel. They are one of the many manufacturers of electric cars that used Tesla’s Lotus platform for the production of its first car.  Detroit Electric failed to realize its plans that they had presented in the beginning of April. Instead of Detroit, the location where they should produce their electric car SP: 01, they had replaced with Plymouth Township. Despite the location problems, they seem to have some issues with the number of cars that they should actually produce.

During the premiere, the Americans said that they could produce 2,500 models annually out of this car. That figure is generally decreased to just 999 cars. The positive side of the whole story is that Detroit Electric has lowered the price of its electric car. There were rumors earlier about 1.1 million, but they have now revealed that each SP: 01 model will cost about 810,000.

Pagani’s ultimate Zonda

In addition, last week, we wrote about how Pagani began to present its last Zonda models. We have now the official photos of Pagani’s last five models. We also have some technical information related to their production. The direction has concluded that Pagani Zonda deserved to retire. The Modena brand has prepared one ultimate version of Zonda Revolution, so Pagani Zonda would not disappear in a infamous way. This model weighs over 1,070 kg and is powered by the 6.0-liter V12 engine that has AMG’s signature.

Zonda Revolucion characterizes also with lower weight and powerful engine. The brakes are also improved, and the aerodynamics is totally renewed. The last Zonda model is definitely an exclusive car, but it is the same with its price. It will not cost less than 16 million, says Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Porsche Macan

L.A. premiere of Porsche Macan

This year, we will probably see Porsche Macan in Los Angeles, says Benjamin Ringel. The reason for this plan is allegedly Porsche‘s breakthrough on the U.S. market and its sale.

The upcoming Macan should be the new golden goose of Porsche, just like the Panamera and Cayenne, precisely because the Germans decided to change the date of release for November this year. They will have a premiere in the United States, instead of Frankfurt. The new Macan will be similar in a way to the larger Cayenne. The Porsche will be having  lots of details from the last Carrere generation. The combination of compact size Macan should give him much sportier look that will attract much younger clientele. Although Porsche does not still talk about the technology that will use, it is about to expect a six-cylinder boxer and all-wheel drive, and four-cylinder engine.

Maserati Gran Sport will be powered by V-6 engine

Maserati Quattroporte, Ghibli and the upcoming Levante are the beginning of a new wave in this brand from Modena. The continuation of the series should be a sport coupe Gransport that Italians already started to elaborate.

Although it will be based on the new platform Quattroporte, the new Maserati Gran sport will be shorter and lighter i.e. it will have space for only two people. This small car with two doors is a novelty that will try to compete with Carrera Maserati and Jaguar F-Type. Those eight performances that will provide him V6, and probably the four-door Quattroporte V8 engine on these models will compete visually.

The appearance of Maserati Gransport should be far more different than ​​Ghibli and Quattroporte’s creations. Therefore, he would definitely show the real aggression to which we are accustomed to see in Maserati’s athletes, adds Ben Ringel.


Benjamin Ringel - Lotus Exige S Roadster

Lotus introduced a convertible version of Exige S

Since last year, there were some rumors about arrival of a convertible version of Lotus Exige S, says Benjamin Ringel. That novelty is now officially presented and this happened only after the car was displayed at Geneva, where was introduced as a concept model. Despite the lack of roof, the roadster version of  Lotus Exige S is 25 pounds lighter than the coupe. With this novelty  Brits are closing the circle and making Exige family have one more member.

The new S Roadster is the fifth member of Exige family. With Exige S and racing versions Exige Cup and Exige Cup R, but also not forget the classic Exige which is no longer on sale, this convertible will complete the aforementioned family, whose second generation saw the light of day at the beginning of 2006th. The roadster version of Lotus Exige S, despite the lack of roof managed to be 25 pounds lighter than the coupe version from which it borrows the 3.5 liter V6 compressor engine with 350 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

Although lighter than the coupe version, the new Exige S Roadster comes to 60 mph as fast as the coupe version, that is in 3,8 s. This 2,600 pounds heavy convertible pulls up to a maximum of 150 mph, a velocity at which the car is electronically limited. The new Exige S Roadster will go on sale this summer at a cost of $ 71,500, says Ben Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - 100,000 Porsche Panamera

From Leipzig emerged the 100,000th Porsche Panamera

It took Porsche less than four years to produce 100,000 Panameras, says Benjamin Ringel. This sedan is the best-selling Porsche car, and from its factory in Leipzig these days came out its 100,000th copy. That car is a silver metallic Panamera S E-Hybrid which we first saw at the motor show in Shanghai this spring.

Porsche Panamera is available on the market in 120 countries around the world. This car has increased Porsche’s sales and greatly changed the market. Panamera has recently gone through a facelift, and the celebratory model which carries a 100,000 label just came out from Leipzig with a refreshed face and plug-in hybrid drive.

Just to recall, the Panamera S E- Hybrid is powered by a 3.0 liter petrol engine with 333 hp and 440 Nm of torque boosted by an electric motor which now has 95 HP and 310 Nm of torque. The electric motor gets its energy from the battery that is now with an increased capacity by 9.4 kWh. This type of hybrid circuit provides this car with combined 416 hp and 590 Nm of torque sufficient to get Panamera S E- Hybrid up to a maximum of 269 km / h and come from standing to 100 km / h in just 5.2 seconds, says Mr. Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Smart ForJeremy

In Shanghai Daimler unveiled Smart ForJeremy

The design collaboration between Jeremy Scott and design branch of Smart resulted in ForJeremy study which was presented to the public at last year’s auto show in Los Angeles, reminds Benjamin Ringel. The study was immediately destined to go on road, and the same plan was shortly after that confirmed and by the Smart leadership. A few months later, Smart has somewhat mitigated the actual design of the car and prepare it for mass production in which this car will soon enter.

The production version of Smart ForJeremy was presented at the Motor Show in Shanghai. The car inspired by the “winged” collection of Adidas sneaker (whose designer is also the creator of this vehicle) came in China in its production form. At first glance it is clear that the Smart has little bit softened its design and the wings, by which this car was specific, are now slightly smaller. The lower part of the “wings” has been replaced by conventional lights, and Smart ForJeremy also got simpler wheels, more classic front bumper and a mask, and lost a lot of chromium that had the concept car version.

Mr. Ringel states that the production of this novelty will start by the end of this month, and Smart ForJeremy buyers will be able to choose between three engines that will drive this compact car.

ForJeremy will be available in classic version with EV electric engine of 75 hp, and two Brabus versions, one with 81 hp coming from electric engine and a second one with gasoline engine with 102 horsepower. Starting price of the novelties is around $ 43,000 for the gasoline version, while ordinary electric ForJeremy version will costs $45,000. The BRABUS variant with an electric engine will cost $60,000, says Benjamin Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Fisker to announce bankruptcy this week

Fisker to announce bankruptcy this week

It seems like that cutting down the number of employees last week did not bring any results to Fisker, so according to the recent data from Benjamin Ringel this American brand will have to declare bankruptcy until the end of the current week. According to Reuters, Fisker has already prepared the paperwork for bankruptcy and only thing it has to do is to decide when to declare it.

The story of Fisker was too good to be true. A new car brand on the basis of a single vehicle pulled millions from the U.S. government who at the end deserted it and did not help to survive in the market. This was also supported by several other factors, but the wicked will say that the bankrupted supplier of batteries and cars destroyed by the hurricane are just a karma that was supposed to eventually catch up with the brand.

The reality that the pieces were falling down came when the head of Fisker, Henrik Fisker lifted up the anchor and left the sinking ship. Dismissal of 160 employees last week was only a salvation that was too short. What ultimately buried Fisker is the repayment of a loan which was taken by the U.S. government, with an installment coming to be collected on 22nd of April. As Fisker for months has not produced a single car it is hard to expect that they will have the money to settle the debt and bankruptcy is the only logical solution that Fisker has on the table, concludes Ben Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Maserati has confirmed its Ghibli premiere

Maserati has confirmed its Ghibli premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show

About the arrival of Maserati’s new sedan, people have talked about it for some time, says Benjamin Ringel. As a place where it will be presented has been widely mentioned the automobile showroom in Shanghai, and this information Italians have now officially confirmed by sending invitations for the world premiere of the model which is about to happen in China.

The new Maserati Ghibli will be revealed later this month in China. Regarding this event, this brand from Modena has sent a formal invitation to his premiere. Although in the invitation nowhere explicitly is said that it is about the revealing of Maserati’s new Ghibli, everyone should be clear that this is clearly about the novelty. The text on the invitation says that Maserati is pleased to welcome us at the world premiere of their newest model, which not only builds on the history of the brand, but is also facing the great future.

If you look at a photo that was taken from the invitation you will clearly see how, under the blue cloth is hiding a sedan, and the only one we know that comes from Maserati is Ghibli. The only thing that is currently still unclear is whether Ghibli is going to be presented in its production form or as a concept that will announce the arrival of production model, ends Mr. Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Dartz Sahara G-eopard ls

Dartz Sahara G-eopard sparked up the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6

When they saw the new Mercedes – Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6, Society of Dartza just couldn’t resist not refining it in their own characteristic style, says Benjamin Ringel. The Russian Dartz Motorz received its current fame by heavily tuning various Russian military armored vehicles.

Eight variants of Prombrona is only part of what they offer, and from now on eccentric dictators, world leaders and wealthy sheiks will be able to enjoy once again the ultimate vehicle called Sahara G – eopard, behind which is hidden a tuned Mercedes novelty.

When the company from Dartza concluded that the new Mercedes – Benz G63 AMG 6 × 6 is too ordinary to designer Marius Dumitrascuu, they’ve given themselves the task to bring it a little in order. After several consultations and quite a few sketches emerged the “Sahara G – eopard”, who believe it or not, but it has its owner. Dartz has previously extended G63 AMG 6 × 6 extended for another 300 mm, it implemented rear “suicide” doors, put inside flooring you can only find on yachts, and instead of classic rims put a 24 inch Asanti Gold Bullion wheels decorated with real gold. This perversion does not end here, because the Sahara G – eopard comes with Bang & Olufsen audio system, Beo Vision 11 inch 3D Smart TV, a remote controlled panoramic roof and lighting, unique air-conditioning, small water tank decorated with Russian diamonds, golden hookah located in a portable cabin for smoking or dining area, finishes Mr. Ringel.

Benjamin Ringel - Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45

Mercedes-Benz AMG CLA45 revealed before its premiere in New York

The unexpectedly reveal of new S class messed up a little bit Mercedes’ plans, says Benjamin Ringel. So much that these new developments overshadowed the upcoming presentation of CLA45 AMG, a model coming out from the well known Stuttgart manufacturer and whose presentation is about to happen in few days. Indeed, few people heard theses news, because the media devoted more time and space to the new S-class, and so unduly neglected the new sportiness model signed by AMG.

Two months after the presentation of a new version of the classic CLA, Mercedes decided to remove the veil of secrecy from its AMG version. Same as the A45 AMG and this newcomer is driven by 2.0 liter turbo engine with direct injection and 360 hp and 436 Nm of torque, which through a gearbox with double clutch are transmitted to all four wheels.

Like A45 AMG, and CLA45 AMG comes with a stiffer suspension, electronic control system, 18-inch alloy wheels with ventilated disks that are hidden beneath them. The interior of the car received a sports steering wheel, AMG gearshift knob, sports seats, AMG instruments on the board, and a handful of carbon elements and the AMG DRIVE unit that enables driver to change the settings of the car and with that its performance, says Benjamin Ringel.

We should not forget the additional packages for tweaking like that aerodynamic, carbon or a package which brings to CLA45 AMG 19 inch wheels, an exhaust system, stronger brakes and different suspension. In order to get us acquainted with his appearance before the premiere in New York, Mercedes published a series of photographs of its new athlete.

Benjamin Ringel - Volkswagen Golf R-Line Variant Edition

Volkswagen Golf comes with R-Line Edition in Geneva

The new Golf which was introduced in six editions is more and more present in Geneva these days, begins Benjamin Ringel. With the eco-friendly varieties, Golf variant and those that bind themselves to sporting connotations, Volkswagen exhibited a performance car for those who do not have money for the GTI and GTD variants, but still want a car with sporty note.

As with all of its models, Volkswagen is offering the new Golf R-Line accessory package that raises the exterior but also the interior to a higher level. All those who want their new Golf look like GTI or GTD but don’t have money to actually buy it these models can reach for the R-Line accessories that will transform an ordinary Golf visually into something more serious example.

Exterior of the car is done up with new bumpers, new flooring, rear diffuser, new tail pipes and roof spoiler. There are mirrors in body color, chrome accents and new 18-inch aluminum wheels. The interior has acquired the new sports seats and sports steering wheel with R-Line logo, a different gear knob and handbrake, and black details on the doors and the front console.

Volkswagen was not ready to reveal how much such a refinement in the Golf will cost, but shared with Benjamin Ringel the 2.0-liter TDI power engine with 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque stored under the R-Line Golf 4Motion.

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